Friday, January 21, 2011

do you tilt?

take a minute to think about what way your pelvis tilts
do you arch or tuck under?
most people are one or the other.........
rarley do i come across those that are neutral in the pelvic region :)

in this picture can you see the model would experience low back pain?
the psoas muscles are so tight that they pull down on the pelvis
because it has shifted so far forward
the lower vertebrae of the spine crunch
as the tush lifts toward the ceiling

this pic is a perfect description of me
(except my butt is WAY cuter)
i always though that because i had tight abs i was healthy
over the course of the last 6 months
i have been working on opening that back up
the beach muscles dont matter as much to me and living a pain free life!

here are some stretches
and foam rolling exercises
that can be used
to open up these areas

i want you to always remember:

locate the pain, then find the antagonist
along the lines of reciprocal inhibition....
if something is tight, the antagonist must be loose
to fix: loosen the tight and tighten the loose.....bueno?
righty tighty lefty

after any stretch that arches your low back
i always balance it out with a rounded spine
this makes it easier to find that neutral spine position when finished

but please mimic this picture with caution..........

if i see any one of you in the gym with a leotard on
i promise to personally slap the taste out of your mouth
(or your money back..... GUARANTEED)

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