Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Consistency Contagiousness Courageousness

the topic of CONSISTENCY has come up a lot over this past week
and I realized.....

I often say that I want it, but when I have it, I have no idea how to sit in it peacefully
In other words, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop
"Comfortable in CHAOS"

What HAS been consistent in my life has been my drive,
my passion to make something more w/myself.
I am always reaching for something
But when do I celebrate my achievements?
When will I allow myself to settle into a consistent life without the climb?
With my business I don't see that happening,
I live for my passion, my driving force,
the ever changing fitness industry, staying current, staying relevant.
The work will be in celebrating the achievements & taking a beat to sit back

What I need to do is to differentiate what part of my brain am I struggling with?
Business or Personal?
I know what my future looks like as a Fitness Entrepreneur, so much so that I don't need to anticipate it.
The question remains...
Is it possible to have a ever climbing career & be able to relax into a relationship?
To be comfortable with consistency?
Can I let those that care about me HELP me, can I learn to ask?
Growth for me will come from trusting and breathing together through the little moments.

CONTAGIOUSNESS in yawning, is like contagiousness in inspiration!

Don't you love when someone is so inspired that their excitement bubbles over & you all of the sudden feel lighter? Ready to take on the world?

While guest teaching at CSUN I was re-energized. Sharing with inquisitive students filled me with excitement & joy.  The more I spoke of dedication & persistence, the more brightly they lit up.  I could even feel them lean in towards me as I spoke. How amazing is it that we can add fuel to that fire that is their FUTURE?! This is what I have been working toward.  Being a persistent, consistent student that will eventually become an active teacher, leader & role model.

What was contagious in this experience was how our energies ping-ponged off of each other.  I brought in my approach, it was well received & they were hungry.  In there hunger I was reminded of how I felt when I was starting out.  How much hearing I wasn't good enough pushed me to work harder.....not to give up.  I WILL MAKE SURE that I am going to do the opposite to those that look to me for the answers.  I will encourage & support anyone who is willing to put in the work.  I will always be here to inspire those who will go above & beyond to make this their life.  You must eat, sleep & breathe your passion.  One day you will wake up & see that you have become one of those teachers that you so admired.  But, in life we must always be willing to be a student.  The humble warriors who have open minds & hearts will share what I have taught them & pass it on. 

COURAGEOUSNESS is venturing into the unknown. 
Simply taking on each day.  
Walking forward & tall, ready to except with is, without worry about what will be.  
The willingness to make your own rules, do what you love 
& not let what someone thinks of you matter.  
Ask questions, do things you will not be recognized for, 
cause ultimately what is it all for? 
YOU.....you wake up & go to bed with yourself every night.  
Make the choice to be proud & aware of the person you are in each conversation & decision. 
The way you treat others, is a telling tale of how you treat yourself.

It is brave to give first, even second chances, it is cowardly to judge someone for things that you have no idea about. Do what you love & everything will fall into place.

When you are consistently courageous, it is contagious.......PASS IT ON

Thank you to the students of CSUN for making me feel like a total bad ass that can have a positive impact on those that will come after me.  To Shabnam for having me as a guest teacher in her class. And to my clients & friends for always challenging me & those in my heart for feeling like home whether it is chaotic or not.

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