Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a sweets sweet alternative

when you need something tasty 
& there's not an ALPHA SWEET in sight,
here's what cha do......

go grab some fruit!
nature's most pure form of sugar
will be sure to satisfy your cravings

i have some many found memories of 
popsicles, #OTTERPOPS or even "ice pops" 
as my family called them,
the chilling sweetness will scratch the dessert itch & leave you with a nice clean feeling that ice cream & cookies do not.

the Boschen ladies used to make our own with DIXIE CUPS during the hot NJ summers!

SUR LA TABLE as well as many other places have POPCILE MOLDS
you can fill them with fruit juices & berries for an explosion of flavor
you can fill them with sangria for a sweet buzz
you can even fill them with BNRG PROTOWHEY & Almond Milk will for a balanced post workout snack.

the possibilities are endless
get creative!

there is ALWAYS a healthy alternative you just have to be willing to look.

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