Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!


in all seriousness,
tonight is the the annual tummy aches parade

what do you do to make halloween a bit healthier for your kids?
i know that if you are like me, you have walked for hours at a time
to see how full you could get your pillow case.................

but besides walking, what steps did your parents take to make sure you didnt OD on sugar?

my parents had to go through all our candy by hand,
they always looked to make sure nothing had been opened or tampered with
they also made sure to take a few of their favorites!
i think that was the REAK reason.

once we had a few pieces
the bags were to be tucked away
& only retrieved when we asked permission
this was until i had a great hiding spot of of course

i remember the ladies on the block that gave apples & individual boxes or healthy cereals.....HATED THAT
we usually eneded up skipping those houses

so what is still fun, that is safe & healthy?
i wish that is was kosher to hand out baked goods, but then again i wouldnt want a cupcake form a stranger

i LOVE treating myself to trail mix with the choc or little yogurt pieces in it!

think about the damaging effects of sugar, especially in large quantities

little changes can make the biggest difference in the foods that our kids will grab for now, as teens & then adults.

if we talk to our kids about why one vs the other is better for our bodies & introduce the healthier alternatives that ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD

WE WIN.....parents around the world rejoice!

and then I, sitting at home with my boyfriend (that can eat anything) am in pain because i ate 4 pieces of candy.

i wouldnt
recommend these
as protein bars,
but if you want a candy bar
this is MUCH better nutritionally
than a snickers.

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