Friday, June 3, 2011

stylin art workz

as i sit down to work on my blog post for today,
i cozy up to my desk with a giant water and a piece of (cough) chocolate
NOW, it is dark chocolate
but not just ANY dark chocolate
SWEETRIOT dark chocolate orgasmic chocolate

if you are yet to have a taste, do yourself a favor..............
comes in small cutie lil package so you dont OD
you get just enough
bravo SWEETRIOT, you are my saving grace today!

BACK ON TASK....already ate the whole thing shhhhh
here are some of my favorite pieces/designs/sneakers, these will inspire the artwork/ambience/retail in the new gym
(other than the obvious nike obsession/construction that has previously been displayed)
with fingers crossed to get these artist on board

St. Alfred
no dad, not you

but these sneaks are fab
i would need an endless supply o of baby wipes but regardless
a must have purchase

i really love his message
and how in tune we are with our similar purpose
to reach others with our "art" and positive energy

Cody Hudson: tshirts, freakin sneakers, artworks WHATEVES

& a designer for converse............sickness

would love to get one of my old clients Brandon to participate......NIKE in cahoots with HURLEY
match made in MY HEAVEN

god knows he is disgustingly creative

the tremendously talented miss lori petty has agreed to put up some work

anything with color

street, music, life, energy and wow factor

just imagine the possibilities


hold your breath, cause it's happening SOON!

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