Friday, June 10, 2011

good vibration

whole body vibration
sounds pretty hot right?
and no it isnt a fly girls dance of any kind
it is actually acceleration training
with many unBELIEVABLE health benefits

as we all know....
if we paid attention in school

what does traditional training do?
we add mass to our already existing body weight, yes?
those dumbbells, and barbells and kettle bells and medicine balls

with WBV the gravitational force is our mass & the POWER PLATE is our increased acceleration
it's nervous system training
getting into your muscle spindles to request activation & recruitment

since this form of exercise affects the nervous system......
removing the conscious component of training......
your body is, in laymen's terms, reacting as though you are lifting/squatting/pressing twice your body weight,
while you wont feel like you are :)
holy testicle tuesday!!!

during a 30 min class your muscles are contracting around 43,000 times
as a reaction to this your circulation & lymphatic drainage increase
which means a diminished appearance of cellulite and a flush of other toxins
it will also increase your metabolism!
in these 30 mins the brain communicated to the body
to secrete hormones that help define your muscles
and lubricate your joints.
your flexibility will increase along with balance, endurance & POWER

these "good" vibrations actually increase bone growth
there have been studies to show that is can stop or even reverse osteoporosis!!!!
as you can imagine this lil puppy can work wonders for rehabilitation

you should recognize this machine if you are an athlete
it is an E STIM Machine
a more targeted version of manipulated muscle activation or "firing"

NEW AGE: instead of adding these pads to your body
you actually use your body through a stretch/contraction/massage
on the plate to get that concentrated fire
this promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles tendons decrease pain and improve joint function.

this is why certification and vibration knowledge is a MUST
when using or instruction on this amazing tool

if you stimulate a muscle to fire
in a dysfunctional position/synergistically dominant way.....
one can do more harm than good
if you over tax the nervous system that isnt pleasant either

please do your homework before instruction any form of exercise but especially when using vibration or sonic waves. there is a lot more that goes into it that just standing on the plate.


i would like to say in closing, that there have been negative articles written on vibration training......none of which where the same types of specific hertz, amplitudes, intervals or structures

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