Sunday, May 15, 2011

touch & be touched

Since i was a little girl, i always had dreams of
placing one hand on the center of someone's chest and healing them
making them warm with love, and being able to take away their pain
as somewhat of an adult, i have made that conscious connection of healing through touch
maybe not magically, as i thought as a child, but working through hard times
and booming positive light to those that need it the most

it's like our ALPHA SPORT star Yogi says,
"make a dedication/dedicate your practice" someone in your life that needs just an extra bit of love today, or an extra squeeze
if the intention is there, and you surround them with positive energy and support
it is then their choice to except it, or stay on the path most frequently traveled

energy centers (chakras),
energy pathways (meridians), and
energy fields (auras).

When energy circulates freely, people are healthy, happy, & in touch with themselves,
they/we can communicate that energy-level to others.
This energy can be called"magnetism" by Mesmer.
The Yogic name for it is "prana."
In Taoism and acupuncture, it is known by the Chinese term "chi"
or "qi" (Japanese "ki").
Wilhelm Reich called it "orgone."

All of these cultures believe that contact and positive reinforcement makes all the difference
Life-energy readily becomes blocked in human beings,
causing dis-ease
it must be freed in order to bring about a healing of the problems caused by that blockage--problems that include acute and chronic diseases, personality disorders, mood afflictions, psychological aberrations,
anger, frustration, depression, cruelty, addiction, anxiety, indecisiveness,
and all the adaptations we make to these conditions.

Life-energy may be released and rebalanced through a number of means.
Acupuncturists use needles, pressure, and the precise application of heat to balance the flow of "chi" through elaborately mapped pathways called "meridians."
Applied kinesiology and polarity therapy rebalance the energy through precise touch.
Tai chi and chi gung build, release, and balance life-energy through elaborate, gentle movements and prescribed postures. Hatha yoga uses physical postures, breathing, mental exercises, and diet to build and balance the centers of "prana" and their channels.

Reichian therapy and bioenergetics
release blocks and cultivate the ability to experience the fuller flow of organismic energy.
Reiki and theraputic massage manipulate muscles and move energy with the hands,
not to remove muscular tension in a mechanical sense,
but to clear the deep energy pathways of the body.
The "healing hands" movement among holistic nurses uses touch
and also works with the energy field that surrounds the body.

Most of us are not schooled or even skilled to be schooled in this department
but what we can do, is what we are capable of doing
have you even wondered why a hug is so powerful
you are sharing energy if allowed
when do kids feel the safest, and the most loved?
when they are being held...when they are holding hands

you can change someone's day with a smile
interaction is a part of our well being
imagine if you could only see the good in people
imagine that you can look at passers by without judgement
but pick out a quality in each person that makes them unique
you can even go as far a complementing them
.....notice how your mood & whole day will change :)


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