Tuesday, December 7, 2010

brain stim

research shows that if we were to stand on our heads more we could
A. look younger
B. have a better memory
c. look really cool in a unitard

no really...
headstands revitalize the entire body and stimulate the mind.
gravity alone pulls all the blood in our bodies down towards our feet.
in reversing the "normal" process & blood flow, there can be great benefits!

in yoga these positions are called inverted asanas
they improve health, reduce anxiety and stress
increase mental power, concentration and stimulate the chakras

uno: proper blood supply stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain,
these glands that are responsible for growth and sex hormones
they control the chemical balance of the body

dos: stimulates the nervous system, increasing mental alertness and clarity
research proves that those suffering from loss of sleep, memory and vitality, recover fully

tres: blood and lymph fluid is relieved from the legs and ankles and with regular practice prevents the buildup of fluid in the legs and feet.

(bono) catorce: lung tissue is stimulated, which relieves colds, coughs, tonsillitis, bad breath and palpitations

Headstand and Shoulder Stand

Headstand and shoulder stand are referred to as the king and queen of all yoga asanas.

Headstand is referred to as the king of all poses, while shoulder stand is referred to as queen of all poses.

Headstand develops the masculine qualities of will power, sharpness of the brain and clarity of thought, while shoulder stand develops the feminine qualities of patience and emotional stability.

These two poses are opposites energetically.

Headstand tends to heat the body and stimulate the nervous system and tones the neck muscles. Shoulder stand tends to cool or neutralize the body and sedate the nervous system while releasing the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

In practice together, the logical sequence is to do headstand first, followed by shoulder stand either immediately after, or later in your practice session.

Headstand can leave you feeling very stimulated, so once it's done you really are committed to doing the other.

Shoulder stand can be safely practiced on its own as it has the amazing ability to neutralize the nervous system.

as for the anti aging and beauty benefits

Eva Mendes admits that she lies upside down on a slant board for about 20 minutes before a photo shoot, or a hot date.

A headstand can reduce facial wrinkles

increase circulation to the face, which can bring much needed nutrients and oxygen to an area that can always use a little rejuvenation.

Practicing headstands regularly has even been reported to convert gray hair back to its natural color.

due to the increase in blood supply and nutrients to hair follicles in the scalp.

alright boys...it even stimulates hair growth

NOW dont everyone drop to the ground and flip onto your cranium
there is a technique that often takes a long time to learn
you would start with an instructor & using the wall
from there there is a long list of progressions
if you shant be standing on your head anytime soon
do yourself a favor
hang that giant melon of yours off the end of your bed
for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes before bed
(hey a girl can dream)

and i feel though i need to say it
for any reason
stand up suddenly after doing anything
that involves having your head down below your hips
when your blood circulation is forced to rush you will get dizzy & many other unpleasant things can happen

listen to momma alpha
slow your role

People suffering from
high blood pressure,
detached retina,
cardiovascular disease,
cervical spondylitis,
and kidney problems
should not practice headstand
Those suffering from neck injuries should seek advice from an experienced yoga teacher before beginning to practice headstand. It is advisable for women during menstruation to avoid inversions.

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